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Your Porsche’s heart and soul is its finely tuned engine.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade,  rebuild or replace your engine Vision has a solution.  Vision’s in-house engine department has over twenty-five years perfecting the art of building reliable high output engines.  With the optional Track-Pack, engine life is extended with higher tolerance parts.  We ship engines world-wide and our work has been featured in  a number of magazines.  We are proud to have built engines for winners in POC, PCA, NASA, SCCA, Grand Am, and VARA.  Whether for street or track, Vision is your solution for Porsche engines.


Vision has many engines in stock, especially the very popular VM1 M96 and VM2 M97 engines for 911, Cayman & Boxster.  From 2.8L-3.8L long blocks or complete engines with the option of .2L-.4L added displacement.  All with IMS bearing retrofit.  Available Vision Track Pack option uses race proven performance parts and design features to increase oil return and improve durability under high stress racing conditions. 


With Vision's program of acquiring engine cores to rebuild. chances are that we have what you need in stock. Also, since we buy cores at the right price, we can upgrade your engine to a larger one for the same price others charge for a rebuild. We also are experienced in economically upgrading engines with parts from newer cores, enhancing your engine without the prohibitive cost of new parts. 


Our experience with both normally aspirated and turbo charged engines has led to development of parts used by engine builders’ world wide to add reliable gains in torque and horsepower.  Vision's team of engine specialists can customize horsepower and torque output to suit any application and racing class while still providing durable and reliable service. 

For more information or to place an order, contact a Vision engine specialist at (949) 770-2888 or

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