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Vision Support, LLC, a sister company of Vision Motorsports, is dedicated to providing track day and club racing support options for Porsche competition drivers.  With over three decades of racing experience, Dwain Dement, as team Vision's leader, is nationally recognized as a highly competitive Porsche driver with numerous track records and podium finishes with many racing clubs and organizations.  Vision offers both the professional driver coaching and vehicle logistics needed to be competitive.  From track day vehicle transport and pit crew support to our arrive and drive program to Team Vision's Club Racing Development, Vision Support has a plan to suit your racing support needs.


Team Vision Competition  Driver Development Program is an all inclusive program for both car and driver.  For your race car, it includes indoor storage, enclosed transportation to POC & PCA events, and pre-race inspection.  For the driver, professional in-car coaching, data analysis, radio support during race, and full pit crew to manage your car.   Join Team Vision and optimize your racing investment.


In order to be a competitive driver, you have to have the skills, conditioning, and mental focus.  Having a coach that knows what it takes to compete and more importantly, has a proven record of winning and helping drivers achieve their racing goals is crucial.  Vision coaching has helped many Porsche club racers achieve podium finishes in a variety of .


Getting your race car to the track can be a chore.  Buying a trailer and paying to store it is only the beginning.  Now you need a tow vehicle, insurance, and DMV registration.  After all that, there's the loading, unloading, accessories (ramps & straps), and the potential for damaging your low slung precious toy.  Vision Support provides professional vehicle transport utilizing  state of the art enclosed trailers. 


Competition driving is physically demanding and mentally challenging.  Spend your track time focused on being the fastest driver and not spending energy changing tires, checking fluids, prepping your car, and managing tire pressures and temperatures.  With hot pit and paddock support, Vision takes care of you and your car while you do what you came for, to drive!

For more information or to schedule, contact a Vision support specialist at (949) 770-2888 or

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